How the World’s Best Performing School Systems Come Out On Top

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We are pleased to share with you a recent study conducted by McKinsey & Co., entitled “How the World’s Best Performing School Systems Come Out On Top” (2007). We have previously made reference to this study on an e-mail we sent to you in October 2007, and we thought it would be valuable to circulate the full report.

The study asks one basic question: why do some school systems consistently perform better and improve faster than others? To answer  this question, the authors review twenty-five of the world’s school systems, including ten of the top performers. They conclude that what set the top performers apart from the rest was that they: 1) get the right people to become teachers; 2) develop them into effective instructors; and 3) support under-performing teachers and students

McKinsey & Co. | How the World’s Best-Performing School Systems Came Out on Top

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