Interview with Jeff Puryear for Todos Pela Educação

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We are pleased to share with you an interview with PREAL Co-Director Jeffrey Puryear published in the newsletter of Todos Pela Educação, a civil society organization in Brazil that works on education issues. In this interview, Puryear notes that Latin America is increasingly recognizing the role of education in promoting economic growth, reducing poverty and inequality, and consolidating democratic governance. Puryear concludes, however, that no country in the region has yet put in place a system to ensure that all children receive a quality education with high learning standards, regular tests for all children, and meaningful accountability mechanisms for students, teachers, and schools.

Todos Pela Educação | Para especialista, cresce a percepção sobre a importância da Educação na América Latina

Todos Pela Educação | To Specialist, Perceived Importance of Education is Increasing in Latin America

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