ONLINE EVENT: The Future Of Micro-Credentials in Latin America – Challenges And Opportunities

Ariel Fiszbein, Anna Herrero Tejada, Nicole Amaral, Jorge Alfonso Rodríguez Tort, Pablo Lizano, Stéphanie Lavaux ˙ ˙

Photo of girl smiling while studying Photo Courtesy of Government of Peru / 2023
Photo Courtesy of Government of Peru / 2023
In collaboration with Coursera, the Dialogue is hosting a public webinar to present a guide for higher education institutions and institutions with training functions, to discuss how to promote the offer of quality micro-credentials and their effective adoption in Latin American and Caribbean institutions.Read more +

Pablo Lizano

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Photo of Pablo Lizano
Photo of Pablo Lizano
Pablo Lizano is the strategy and project lead at the Future Up Initiative, an AI-based platform of education recommendations oriented to the development of skills.Read more +

ONLINE EVENT: The State of Community-based Care and Support Systems for People with Disabilities in Latin America

Ariel Fiszbein, Mónica Rubio, Alberto Vásquez, Iliana María Espitia Sutachan, Patricia Cossani Padilla, Juan Pablo Salazar, Diana Patricia Martínez Gallego ˙ ˙

Photo of kid playing with teacher Gobierno Danilo Medina / Flickr / 2017 / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED
In collaboration with UNICEF, this webinar explores the current situation of community-based support systems for people with disabilities at the regional level while presenting success stories from Bogota, Colombia, and Uruguay.Read more +

Sandra Mikan

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Photo of Sandra Mikan
Sandra Mikan is a Colombian ambassador with more than 25 years of experience in foreign service affairs.Read more +

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