Exploratory study on the motivations behind the choice of a teaching career at the elementary level: The Case of Buenos Aires, Argentina

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This study aims to analyze the motivation of the population of students entering the primary school teaching profession in state-run institutions in the city of Buenos Aires. It is an exploratory study based on the responses obtained within the universe defined by the first year of primary education teaching at state-run Teacher Training Institutes (ISFD).

The present study took place in the months of June-September 2023 in the the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The bibliographic research and instrument design work began in May, and the fieldwork was carried out between July and August. The latter consisted of a survey carried out in the days prior to the winter break and the subsequent work with interviews and focus groups. The survey was sent to 660 participants, 158 of whom responded, and was closed on August 24, 2023.

In recognition of what several international reports point out regarding the increase in the need for teachers in the coming years, as well as the importance of knowing their motivation when entering the career in order to understand the variables of their choice, completion of studies, and sustainability in the profession, the Ministry of Education of the City of Buenos Aires, in partnership with the Latin American Coalition for Teaching Excellence and the OEI, seeks to understand the motivations of those entering the teaching profession at the primary level in the state administration with the ultimate goal of generating inputs that can help identify and promote strategies to attract them to the teaching career.





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