There is growing recognition in Latin America of the critical importance of improving teacher (and teaching) quality, buttressed by a mounting body of research and evidence showing the essential role educators play in improving learning and the limited effectiveness of teachers in the region. In country after country, efforts are underway to reform certain aspects of the teaching profession, from teacher training and professional development to recruitment and evaluation. 

The Inter-American Dialogue, together with its local partners, has conducted studies on the state of teacher policies in eight countries and is regularly monitoring reforms across the region. The overall picture is one in which there is a significant gap between rhetoric and reality.  Recurrent expressions of support for efforts to enhance the teaching profession are often not met with concrete policy actions. Decisions at the policy level typically do not get translated into actions. And many important efforts get frustrated because of inconsistent implementation and lack of continuity.

The Latin American Coalition for Excellence in Teaching brings together a loose network of organizations and individuals that share the overall goal of making the teaching profession more meritocratic, and better prepared and supported.

Read more about the Coalition’s work in the Regional Agenda: Policies for Teaching Excellence.


August 2020: Third Meeting of the Coalition

November 2019: Second Meeting of the Coalition


May 2019: Private Meeting with National Education Council


March 2019:
Congreso 512 – El poder innovador del docente

Santo Domingo, República Dominicana

March 2019: Global Education & Skills Forum

Dubai, UAE

February 2019: First Meeting of the Coalition

Buenos Aires, Argentina