There is growing recognition in Latin America of the critical importance of improving teacher (and teaching) quality, buttressed by a mounting body of research and evidence showing the essential role educators play in improving learning and the limited effectiveness of teachers in the region. In country after country, efforts are underway to reform certain aspects of the teaching profession, from teacher training and professional development to recruitment and evaluation. 

The Latin American Coalition for Teaching Excellence is a network that aspires to promote the professionalization of teaching so that all children and young people in the region can count on the support and guidance of an excellent teacher. This initiative arises from the Inter-American Dialogue, INICIA Educación, Instituto 512 and Varkey Foundation. The common objective is to improve and support teaching in Latin America, building a common agenda for change and coordinating efforts for its implementation.

Since our creation in 2019, we have published a Regional Agenda that establishes the vision and priorities of the Coalition according to four fundamental axes:

  1. Teacher professional development
  2. School leadership
  3. Initial teacher training
  4. Working conditions for teacher professionalization


Regional Agenda
Declaración de Bogotá
Bogota Declaration
Initial Teacher Training
Portada declaración sobre condiciones laborales docentes
Working Conditions
Improving Teacher Policy
Portada con título del documento
Recover the Learning and Wellbeing
Teaching Excellence
Teacher Policy During Pandemic
Digital Competencies
Prinicipals – Mendoza
Novice Teachers –

Buenos Aires

We promote consensus on the necessary reforms and provide the political and social support to implement them


The Coalition in the Press

Our members

“From the research, we have enough evidence to indicate what works and don’t”
Denise Vaillant, Director of the Doctorate in the Education Program, Universidad ORT Uruguay

Denise Vaillant photo
Photo of Agustín Porres

“Practicing teachers must be able to receive systematic and quality training that empowers and inspires them”
Agustín Porres, Regional Director of Latin America, Varkey Foundation