• July coverage focused on President Xi Jinping’s tour of Latin America, which included stops in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, and Cuba.

    Aug 11 2014 China & Latin America
  • The creation of the New Development Bank, also known as the BRICS bank, was announced at the BRICS summit in Brazil.

    Jul 17 2014 China & Latin America
  • Using the Finnish model of education in Latin America. How can the key components be achieved?

    May 13 2014 PREAL Blog
  • An analysis of student examinations worldwide shows some countries’ efforts to improve quality go unnoticed due to low scores.

    Nov 7 2013 PREAL Blog
  • Webcast on the importance of and challenges to monitoring student learning, and research on how to best carry out assessments.

    Nov 6 2013 PREAL Blog
  • An analysis of Brazilian education and the four recommendations offered to better compete with OECD systems by 2021.

    Dec 21 2012 PREAL Blog
  • Short video discussing research on teacher policies for the SABER initiative.

    Aug 7 2012 PREAL Blog
  • Eight core policy goals of the SABER-teachers program — analysis and trends across countries.

    Apr 17 2012 PREAL Blog
  • Haiti’s potential for growth and the need for human capital development — challenges, priorities, and plans

    Mar 2 2012 PREAL Blog
  • Software that enables users to input pre-existing education information to produce graphs that analyze national education indicators.

    Aug 3 2011 PREAL Blog
  • World Bank book argues weak accountability of schools and teachers lowers the quality of public schools, and lists three key reforms.

    Mar 9 2011 PREAL Blog
  • Speech previewing World Bank’s education strategy, which emphasizes role of education in economic growth and social advance.

    Feb 14 2011 PREAL Blog
  • Decentralization and school-based management policies, and their effects on learning outcomes in the developing world.

    Jan 6 2010
  • Two documents suggest that investing in the early years of poor children is crucial to long-term success.

    Jan 5 2010 PREAL Blog
  • Three volumes discuss the features, activities, and uses of establishing national assessments of educational achievement.

    Oct 2 2009 PREAL Blog