Assessing Sector Performance & Inequality in Education

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The World Bank EdStats Program recently released free software called ADePT that enables users to input pre-existing education information from household surveys to produce graphs and tables in Excel format that can then be used to analyze national education indicators. The Bank also released a book to introduce new users to the software, entitled: “Assessing Sector Performance and Inequality in Education: Streamlined Analysis with ADePT Software.” The publication describes the reasoning behind the creation of the software, teaches readers how to use it, and discusses education inequality using the ADePT program.

A PDF version of the book is available for download here and the ADePT software may be downloaded here. In addition, researchers at the World Bank have already published the ADePT results of some 200 sets of household surveys, which are available in Excel format on the EdStats website, here. The data are broken down by country and include the following topics: school participation, school progression, school attainment, education expenditure and labor market outcomes.

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