Voces: Central America & the Caribbean

High Rates of Violence Against Women in Latin America Despite Femicide Legislation: Possible Steps Forward

Tamar Ziff, Leonie Rauls ˙ ˙ Voces

Sergio / Flickr / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
In Latin America, violence against women and girls is pervasive and practiced with relative impunity. According to a November 2017 United Nations Development Program Report, Latin America has the highest rate in the world of gender-based sexual violence against women, and in Central America two of every three women killed…Read more +

El Salvador: Tackling Impunity Past and Present

Anna Egas, Michael Camilleri ˙ ˙ Voces

Presidencia El Salvador / Flickr / CC0 1.0
In the two years since the repeal of the amnesty law, El Salvador has taken tentative steps towards establishing accountability for the atrocities of the civil war. Are these nascent advances in transitional justice threatening political stability and exacerbating present-day challenges as critics feared? Alternatively, could seeking accountability for past abuses facilitate efforts to tackle widespread impunity for contemporary crimes?Read more +

Thinking Differently About Nicaragua’s Development Challenges

Manuel Orozco, Gloriana Sojo ˙ ˙ Voces

Bosque de pinos de las Crucetas da la leña. El manejo sostenible de los bosques,y la formacion de cooperativas indigenas forestales, permitira la conservacion de las áreas de boscosas en La comunidad de Layasiksa,y Las Crucetas. foto.LA PRENSA.Manuel Esquivel
While its GDP growth has generally been higher than that of its neighbors, it is not enough to get the country out of poverty. Nicaragua needs to leverage its human capital to the fullest.Read more +

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