• As Cuba begins its path towards post-Castroism, drawing comparisons with other transitions within communist regimes is almost inevitable, despite the uniqueness of the island’s situation.

    Apr 23 2018 Voces
  • Could anger about corruption and lack of trust in institutions bolster a new wave of faith-driven politics?

    Apr 9 2018 Voces
  • The State Department’s response to the sonic attacks in Cuba has been disproportionate and is harmful to US interests and the Cuban people.

    Oct 6 2017 Voces
  • US-Cuba relations have grown boring. That’s about to change.

    Dec 20 2016 Voces
  • The widespread outbreak of activism against gender-based violence in Latin America has captured the media and world’s attention.

    Dec 9 2016 Voces
  • The Honduran First Lady recently said that she would like to send her daughter to the United States to study, “but not with a coyote, that I would never do.”

    Sep 14 2016 Voces
  • The Salvadoran Supreme Court ruling on the country’s amnesty law has been praised by human rights advocates, but could open a Pandora’s Box for a country that already faces daunting challenges.

    Jul 21 2016 Voces
  • Daniel Ortega stands as Nicaragua’s only candidate five months before the election. A high approval rating and fractured opposition will likely pave the way for him to win an unprecedented fourth term in office.

    Jun 24 2016 Voces
  • In celebrating the day of family remittances, we are honoring migrants and the impact of their earnings on development, as well as their efforts, challenges, and sacrifices to extend their love to their families in tangible ways.

    Jun 16 2016 Voces
  • What is behind the fact that 60% of businesses in Nicaragua decide not to formalize?

    Jun 13 2016 Voces
  • As the “island of enchantment” descends further into a nightmarish debt and economic crisis, fights for Puerto Rico’s future have spread to Washington and the public eye.

    May 17 2016 Voces
  • While its GDP growth has generally been higher than that of its neighbors, it is not enough to get the country out of poverty. Nicaragua needs to leverage its human capital to the fullest.

    Apr 29 2016 Voces
  • Faced with limited economic prospects, many Hondurans opt to migrate by any means possible.

    Apr 18 2016 Voces
  • Los retornos forzados ponen de manifiesto la urgente necesidad de pensar en maneras para gestionar estos flujos humanos, que no dejarán de ocurrir.

    Apr 1 2016 Voces
  • The A4P, which received funding from the United States, consists of four components: reinvigorating the productive sector, investing in human capital, addressing citizen security and strengthening state institutions.

    Mar 16 2016 Voces