• Summary examines factors that make effective schools in poor areas.

    Dec 18 2008 PREAL Blog
  • Progress of Latin American countries and the Caribbean towards the six Education for All goals.

    Dec 5 2008 PREAL Blog
  • Report releases its findings on racial inequality in the education system in Brazil and offers suggestions to promote equality.

    Dec 3 2008 PREAL Blog
  • Column discusses results of Second Regional, Comparative, and Explanatory Study.

    Sep 15 2008 PREAL Blog
  • Academic papers examine the effect of economic incentives in education.

    Jul 13 2008 PREAL Blog
  • Summary and audio clip of major education reforms underway in São Paulo and the political challenges they imply.

    Mar 28 2008 PREAL Blog
  • Two articles about the use of conditional cash transfers in education in Mexico, Brasil, and New York City.

    Mar 20 2008
  • Materials regarding challenges of the improvement of student learning in Latin America in the 21st century.

    Jan 10 2008
  • Column on the results of the 2007 PISA exam.

    Dec 26 2007
  • Column on the “Agreement on the Quality of Education” in Chile.

    Nov 30 2007
  • Two articles discussing the agreement to change the education law in Chile.

    Nov 20 2007
  • Latin American Advisor column on Chavez’s threat against private schools.

    Oct 16 2007