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Thriving Through Financial Inclusion

Emma Leonardo Solorzano ˙ ˙ Migration, Remittances & Development

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This blog refers to the “Thriving in San Marcos” initiative carried out in partnership with Cities Alliance and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. “Thriving in San Marcos” promotes financial access and inclusion in the MANCUERNA region of Guatemala through financial education in close collaboration with financial institutions. MANCUERNA encompasses municipalities across San Marcos and Quetzaltenango,…Read more +

Strengthening Human Capital in Guatemala in Partnership with Diaspora Groups

Keshia Madrigal ˙ ˙ Opportunities for My Community

Graduation Ceremony of the B’etil Diploma in El Palmar
Migrants have a strong potential to transform their families and societies; the challenge is harnessing this potential. The Opportunities for My Community project explores practical ways in which various actors, including diaspora groups and remittance companies, can work effectively to support education in Guatemala.Read more +

Myths and Assumptions about Remittances

Julia Yansura ˙ ˙ Voces

It is often mentioned that remittances “are primarily spent on consumption, housing and land, and are not utilized for productive investment that would contribute to long-run development.”[2] Statements such as these typically reflect value judgments rather than informed opinions based on empirical evidence. Read more +