• An investigative report on the way public funds are used for education in Mexico.

    Oct 7 2013 PREAL Blog
  • A look at demonstrations organized by Teachers Unions in Mexico and how teachers are impacted by the education reforms and regulations.

    Aug 27 2013 PREAL Blog
  • Report ranks each Mexican state on a series of six indicators and provides analysis of education performance.

    Feb 12 2013 PREAL Blog
  • What will it take to bring changes to education policy in Mexico? What will be President Enrique Peña Nieto’s new education agenda?

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  • Link to report proposing four ways to transform education in Mexico.

    Oct 8 2012 PREAL Blog
  • An attempt by Mexicanos Primero to draw attention to the reality of the deficient Mexican educational system.

    Feb 14 2012 PREAL Blog
  • Report on the state of education in Mexico and the three central themes it develops.

    Dec 7 2010 PREAL Blog