• After months of rhetorical censure of Chinese firms’ rash investment decisions, China’s State Council has published a new set of guidelines to manage the stream of foreign investment currently pouring out from the country.

    Aug 23 2017 China & Latin America
  • With the withdrawal of MINUSTAH imminent, Latin America should maintain its commitment to the future of its most troubled country.

    Feb 13 2016 Voces
  • Haiti’s potential for growth and the need for human capital development — challenges, priorities, and plans

    Mar 2 2012 PREAL Blog
  • Article discusses the potential for Haiti to make systemic changes to it’s education system in the wake of the 2010 earthquake.

    Mar 10 2010 PREAL Blog
  • We are pleased to share the article below discussing the need to emphasize education in the reconstruction of Haiti after…

    Feb 17 2010
  • Haiti needs to address its education problems to develop resilience and response to future national disasters.

    Jan 25 2010
  • PREAL report on education in Haiti offers overview of what needs to be improved and initiatives that look promising.

    Oct 21 2008 PREAL Blog