• After months of rhetorical censure of Chinese firms’ rash investment decisions, China’s State Council has published a new set of guidelines to manage the stream of foreign investment currently pouring out from the country.

    Aug 23 2017 China & Latin America
  • Developing countries can leverage the potential of services to transform their growth prospects and ensure improved standards of living.

    Mar 8 2017
  • In this article, we provide some preliminary results of a financial education project in Guatemala that began on November 2016.

    Mar 8 2017
  • Financial education has proven to be an efficient tool for systematically and effectively building assets in a society (OECD, 2005).…

    Mar 8 2017
  • Guatemala’s economic growth and development has historically been affected by high rates of inequality, as well as by a poorly performing economic model that is based on agricultural exports.

    Nov 17 2016
  • Implementado gracias al apoyo de la Agencia para el Desarrollo Internacional de Estados Unidos (USAID),[1] Oportunidades para Mi Comunidad es…

    Nov 17 2016
  • Although the situation is unprecedented, the political capacity of a comedian may very well shape the future of Guatemalan democracy.

    Oct 22 2015 Voces
  • The upcoming presidential election opens an opportunity to rekindle regional energy integration.

    Aug 20 2015 Voces
  • A study by CIEN and PREAL reveals the deficiencies of teacher policy in Guatemala.

    May 27 2015 PREAL Blog
  • A new monitoring system in Guatemala enables parents and private citizens to become monitoring agents of education.

    Jan 21 2015 PREAL Blog
  • Central America is one of Taiwan’s only remaining diplomatic strongholds.

    Aug 27 2014 China & Latin America
  • Three main goals of civil society groups in Guatemala that seek to raise education quality by 2021.

    Jun 20 2013 PREAL Blog
  • Members of PREAL’s network of business leaders working for education reform discuss education policy.

    Feb 27 2013 PREAL Blog
  • Business and education leaders discuss business sector engagement in education reform in Latin America.

    Oct 10 2012 PREAL Blog
  • Links to agenda and media coverage of a conference on the state of the teaching profession in Guatemala.

    Aug 27 2012 PREAL Blog