• Developing countries can leverage the potential of services to transform their growth prospects and ensure improved standards of living.

    Mar 8 2017
  • Recientemente la primera dama dijo que ella pensaba mandar a su hija a estudiar a Estados Unidos, “pero no la voy a mandar con un coyote, eso no lo haría nunca.”

    Sep 14 2016
  • The Honduran First Lady recently said that she would like to send her daughter to the United States to study, “but not with a coyote, that I would never do.”

    Sep 14 2016 Voces
  • What is behind the fact that 60% of businesses in Nicaragua decide not to formalize?

    Jun 13 2016 Voces
  • Public policies related to migration and development in Central America are relatively recent, limited, and diffuse.

    Jan 6 2016 Voces
  • While the number of people leaving Central America is well documented, less is known on how many return home, either voluntarily or involuntarily.

    Dec 22 2015 Voces
  • From 2013-2014, the number of unaccompanied child migrants apprehended by US authorities along the US-Mexico border increased by 90%.

    Dec 2 2015 Voces
  • Despite the importance of teachers in the learning process, systems for recruiting, selecting, training, and supporting teachers remain deficient

    Sep 15 2015 PREAL Blog
  • The upcoming presidential election opens an opportunity to rekindle regional energy integration.

    Aug 20 2015 Voces
  • Generating informed discussion on the state and scope of teacher policies in Central America and the Dominican Republic.

    Mar 10 2015 PREAL Blog
  • The economics of migration are not yet leveraged for development, and they can bring a silver lining to this entire crisis.

    Oct 7 2014 PREAL Blog
  • Central America is one of Taiwan’s only remaining diplomatic strongholds.

    Aug 27 2014 China & Latin America
  • Workshop that seeks to promote debate on teacher policy and showcase innovative policies.

    Jun 5 2012 PREAL Blog
  • PREAL reviews broad spectrum of its activities and discusses priorities for improving education policy in the coming year.

    Dec 23 2011 PREAL Blog
  • Progress of Latin American countries and the Caribbean towards the six Education for All goals.

    Dec 5 2008 PREAL Blog