• An interview with the new Director of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, Silvia Montoya: lessons and future endeavors.

    Feb 26 2015 PREAL Blog
  • A recent publication highlights an innovative approach to assessing children’s proficiency in reading and math.

    Dec 10 2012 PREAL Blog
  • Short video discussing research on teacher policies for the SABER initiative.

    Aug 7 2012 PREAL Blog
  • PREAL Working Paper argues that student opinion can enrich models and standards for evaluating teacher performance.

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  • Three volumes discuss the features, activities, and uses of establishing national assessments of educational achievement.

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    Jun 30 2009
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    Jun 18 2009 PREAL Blog
  • Article examines how Minnesota improved its performance in math and science using standards and assessments.

    Jan 28 2009
  • PREAL newsletters discuss results of recent international student achievement test and more.

    Nov 7 2008
  • Cuba’s academic advantage – books and Q&A session that examines it’s successes and what other LAC countries can learn.

    Oct 21 2008 PREAL Blog