RIO Newsletter

As the competitive nature of remittance industry moves forward, the US economy shows signs of improvement, Latin American migration patterns shift, and various countries in the Americas review their legislation on migration, it is becoming increasingly important for industry leaders to stay informed of the trends that will affect their businesses. The Remittance Industry Observatory (RIO), a project of the Dialogue’s Migration, Remittances, and Development Program,  seeks to improve knowledge and information about the remittance market.

The following is a sample of RIO's monthly newsletter related to net migration flows from Mexico and Central America to the US.


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RIO Data Release

The following is a sample of RIO’s bi-monthly data release related to money services businesses (MSBs) and the Honduran remittance market.

˙Laura Porras

Report Card on Education- Nicaragua

Education represents a major aspiration for Nicaraguan citizens. In a PNUD 2001 national survey, one in three people said that one of their greatest aspirations is to have access to education for themselves and for their families. This response surpassed the percentage citing landing a job or having a source…