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  • Standardized student evaluations provide a measure of the quality of teaching in different schools. But what impact can sharing the results with teachers and administrators have on their teaching and management practices?

    Feb 16
  • A surprise turn in Costa Rica’s national election has left many guessing. Four experts comment on the race in the Dialogue’s daily Latin America Advisor.

    Feb 8

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  • Las fuertes palabras de Santos contra el gobierno de Maduro y el rechazo a sus elecciones exprés transmitieron que Colombia siente lo mismo por Venezuela que Estados Unidos. Una posición tan dura, junto con la intensificación del esfuerzo antidrogas, será útil para asegurar recursos para construir la paz en Colombia.

    Michael Shifter

    El Espectador


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  • If the region increases investments in renewable energy to 80%, Latin American countries can save billions of dollars in investments, avoid blackouts and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

    Feb 1