Patrick Springer

United States  |  Program Assistant, Think Tank Haiti, Inter-American Dialogue

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Patrick Springer joined the Inter-American Dialogue in 2022 as a program assistant for Think Tank Haiti. Springer graduated from American University with a master’s degree in US Foreign Policy and National Security and from UMass Boston with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and a minor in Spanish. Prior to the Dialogue, Springer interned at the Organization of American States, Global Americans, and several local government offices in Pennsylvania. Springer has studied abroad in Canada, Costa Rica, and Cuba, and speaks Spanish and French.

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Photo of Haiti event card for Oriol webinar Video

Haiti’s Frustration with International Aid

On October 25, 2022, Think Tank Haiti (TTH) – a joint collaboration between Université Quisqueya and the Inter-American Dialogue – hosted a webinar titled “Haiti’s Frustration with International Aid.” During the event, prominent Haiti scholar and sociologist, Michèle Oriol, discussed her recent paper “International Aid or Foreign Policy? Lessons Learned since 1990” and her findings.