Nicolás Mariscal

Mexico |  Chairman, Marhnos Group


Nicolás Mariscal is the chairman of the board of directors at Marhnos Group and vice president of the Mexican Chamber of Construction Industry (CMIC) where he heads corporate social responsibility and natural disaster initiatives.

Mariscal is a board member of the Inter-American Foundation, the National Support Center for Epidemiological Eventualities (CENACED), Aserta and Aura Solar. He is also a member of the Strategic French-Mexican Council, the US-México CEO Dialogue, the Group of 50, Chief Executives Organization, the Latin American Business Council (CEAL), Social Union of Business Leaders in Mexico, the Emerging Markets Forum and the Partnership Against Corruption Initiative (PACI).

He holds an MSc in construction engineering from Stanford University.

Mariscal is a frequent commentator for the Latin America Advisor and a member of the Latin America Advisor’s Board of Advisors.

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