ONLINE EVENT: Opportunities for Renewal in the Teaching Staff


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The Covid-19 pandemic has laid bare the urgency of a highly effective teaching force, at the same time that it has increased the pedagogical demands on those same educators. Within this context, the sustained decrease in teachers has presented a relevant challenge to achieve the objective of improving quality in the region. If education management and policy conditions remain unchanged, this may only serve to exacerbate the ongoing problem of a dearth of effective teachers.

The current challenge is to know how many teachers will need to be replaced and how to train future teachers to ensure better quality education in Latin America. For this end, statistical projections about the current availability and demand for teachers in schools are essential in the short- and medium-term. However, the discussion transcends the immediate need to recruit a highly-effective teaching staff to consider how working conditions frame and allow for qualified teachers to pursue an attractive career through their professional development via incentive structures that reduce departures from the teaching force.

This expert conversation, organized and convened by the Latin American Coalition for Teaching Excellence, will allow us to understand the needs and opportunities of several educational systems in Latin America and the Caribbean for the renewal of their teaching staff, how to address growing demands, and what the educational systems of the region should prioritize when recruiting a new generation of educators.

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The Latin American Coalition for Teaching Excellence is a network that aspires to promote the professionalization of the teaching field so that all children and young people can count on the support and guidance of an excellent teacher.


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