Ángela Español

Dominican Republic  |  Portfolio Director, INICIA Educación

Executive Director of Instituto 512


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Ángela Español is portfolio director at INICIA Educación and executive director of Instituto 512. She represents the institution and the Dominican Republic as a member of the steering committee of the Latin American Coalition for Teaching Excellence. She has a particular interest in education as the way to positively transform society and that any crisis, no matter the difficulty or duration, is an opportunity to utilize good education to innovate.

Español has specialized in leadership and management competencies at Barna Management School and Leadership for Executive Development, focusing on Latin America at IESE, IAE, and IPADE. She has a specialty in Educational Technology from the Universidad de Salamanca and a master’s degree in social innovation and solidarity economy from the same university.

Español was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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