The Lima Declaration: A Letter of Intent for Early Childhood

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One of the main issues for Early Childhood Development (ECD) networks is the need to strengthen their advocacy capacities. With this in mind, the Inter-American held a workshop in Lima, Peru, to address advocacy strategies for early childhood development on November 17 and 18 of 2022.

Despite the last decade's advances in child development policies in Latin America, significant challenges persist, especially in implementing policies with quality and equity. In this context, it is essential to continue promoting and alerting about the importance of early childhood development (ECD) as a priority of the public agenda in the region's countries.

Networks and coalitions dedicated to early childhood have been fundamental in promoting early childhood development. Networks generate exchanges and relationships among actors and, more recently, develop different capacities among decision-makers to implement early childhood policies. That said, networks and coalitions have a wealth of experiences, learned lessons, and common challenges that should be shared with other social actors involved in ECD development.

With the FEMSA Foundation's and Porticus's support and collaboration with networks from Peru, Copera Infancia, and Grupo Impulsor Inversión en la Infancia, the workshop provided a space in which ECD networks shared previous advocacy experiences and interaction with the political world. The workshop allowed for inter-learning relationships, thus supporting the finding of strategies for ECD policy change and common goals.



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