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What Forces Are Shaping Mexico’s Economic Outlook?

How much are political variables and uncertainty under a new president affecting Mexico’s economy?

Jaana Remes, Alma Caballero, Alfredo Coutiño, Amanda Mattingly, Amy Glover

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File Photo: Mexican Government.

¿Ejercerán un nuevo poder los sindicatos de México bajo AMLO?

¿Cuáles son las razones detrás de las huelgas de los trabajadores, y habrá más conflictos laborales en los próximos meses?

Carlos H. Aceves del Olmo, Richard Sinkin, Brian Finnegan, Gladys Cisneros, Carlos Ferrán Martínez

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Who will save Brazil’s democracy if Jair Bolsonaro tries to destroy it?

Bolsonaro’s authoritarian rhetoric was hotly debated during the presidential campaign. His supporters embraced his brash promises to bring law and order to a country beset by crime, corruption and economic struggles. His opponents feared a resurgence of military rule or the emergence of a Duterte-style police state.

Michael Camilleri, Benjamin Gedan

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The United States and Mexico: Partnership Tested

Few neighbors have such deep and wide-ranging ties as the United States and Mexico. Both countries are bound not only by geography, but also through economic, security and social connections. Despite these strong connections—or perhaps because of them—the bilateral relationship is subject to strong pressures coming from domestic politics in both countries.

Michael Shifter, Bruno Binetti

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The G20 in Buenos Aires Will Disappoint–But Not All Is Lost

In the annual meeting of the world’s largest economies, which starts on Friday in Argentina, it seemed that Latin America and its most pressing concerns – such as the crisis in Venezuela – would be the priorities. However, it is now clear that the current complex global dynamic will dominate.

Irene Estefanía, Ben Raderstorf

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Uncertain Relations: AMLO & Donald Trump

Michael Shifter discusses what Andres Manuel López Obrador’s landslide win in the 2018 Mexican elections could mean for Mexico and the Western hemisphere. López Obrador faces the challenge of transforming his populist campaign into a practical and effective government while also addressing record homicides rates, rampant corruption, and the nation’s gaping inequality and entrenched poverty.

Michael Shifter

Interviews ˙ ˙ AlJazeera

Michael Shifter

Incertidumbre política en México

En una breve discusión con Caracol Radio, Michael Shifter, presidente del Diálogo Interamericano, discutió acerca de la incertidumbre a partir de la elección de López Obrador como presidente de México, y los pasos que este tomará en relación a las dificultades específicas que atraviesa ese país actualmente.

Michael Shifter

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AMLO’s Agenda and Challenges

In anticipation of Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s (AMLO) stunning electoral win, Inter-American Dialogue President Michael Shifter discusses the challenges that have defined this historic election and the immediate issues that López Obrador will have to address in office.

Michael Shifter

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