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What Does Banning Bolsonaro Mean for Brazil’s Politics?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ views on former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s ban from public office until 2030.

Peter Hakim, Beatrice Rangel, Mariano Machado, Lucas Fernandes

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Brazilian Energy Policy under Lula: What to Expect

To explore Lula’s plans for Brazil’s energy sector, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted the online event “Power in Brazil – Energy Policy Post-Election” on November 8, 2022. 

MK Vereen, Daniela Stevens

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What Does Lula’s Political Comeback Mean for Brazil?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ viewpoints on Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s win in Brazil’s presidential election.

Peter Hakim, Joel Korn, Beatrice Rangel, Melvyn Levitsky, Nicholas Borges

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What Factors Will Decide Who Wins Brazil’s Election?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ viewpoints on Brazil’s presidential election and who might win in the runoff.

Peter Hakim, Gabrielle Trebat, Abraham Lowenthal, Joel Korn, Gilberto M.A. Rodrigues, Rubens Barbosa, Helder Fonseca

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Brasilianistas admitem surpresa e avaliam estratégias

Peter Hakim, presidente emérito do Diálogo Interamericano, conversou com o Correio Braziliense sobre as eleições em Brasil. Hakim admitiu ter ficado muito surpreso com a voz das urnas e avaliou estratégias para a segunda ronda eleitoral. 

Peter Hakim

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Last month U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken phoned Brazilian Foreign Minister Carlos França (pictured) in an bid to build international support among U.N. Security Council members against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. // File Photo: U.S. Government.

Can the U.S. and Brazil Expect More From Each Other?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ viewpoints on the bilateral relations between Brazil and the United States.

Nestor Forster Jr., Melvyn Levitsky, Rubens Barbosa, Guilherme Casarões, Leandro Barcelos

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Shifter: “Posição de Bolsonaro complicará relações entre Brasil e EUA”

Michael Shifter, presidente do Inter-American Dialogue, falou com Valor sobre a omissão do presidente Jair Bolsonaro em criticar a Rússia ou condenar a guerra na Ucrânia. Durante a entrevista cobriram-se temas como a relação bilateral entre Rusia e Brasil, o impacto da China na região e a posição dos governos latinoamericanos respeito ao conflito Ucraniano. 

Michael Shifter

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Shifter en Foro Video

Shifter: “Es muy difícil romper el patrón de corrupción en la región”

La democracia en América Latina enfrenta monumentales desafíos en el 2022, según organismos internacionales. Michael Shifter, presidente del Diálogo Interamericano, habló con Foro de Voz de América sobre la realización de elecciones en tres países y la demanda pública por más transparencia por parte de los gobiernos se pondrá a prueba en el nuevo año.

Michael Shifter

Interviews ˙ ˙ Voz de América

Lula speaking

Uncertainty in Latin America: A Political Outlook

Michael Shifter, president of the Inter-American Dialogue, sits down with Latinvex to answer important questions as three major economies in Latin America – Brazil, Chile, and Colombia – approach presidential elections and other countries face crises and protests. 

Michael Shifter

Interviews ˙ ˙ Latinvex

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro

Will Bolsonaro Try to Stay in Power if He Loses Next Year?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ viewpoints on Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s moves ahead of the 2022 presidential vote.

Peter Hakim, Mariana Valente, Raúl Echeberría, Alberto Pfeifer, Lucas Fernandes, Gilberto M.A. Rodrigues

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Michael Shifter at the Inter-American Dialogue

Shifter: “Latin America is not in good shape today”

Michael Shifter, president of the Inter-American Dialogue, was interviewed by The Washington Diplomat on the current state of Latin American. The conversation examined the continuing migration on the US border with Mexico, the widespread regional discontent during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the lack of integration among Latin American countries as they continue fighting the effects of the pandemic. 

Michael Shifter, Larry Luxner

Interviews ˙ ˙ The Washington Diplomat

Alberto Fernandez speaking

Mercosur’s Divisions Are Pushing It to a Breaking Point

Relations between the four members of South America’s Mercosur trade bloc—Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay—are at their worst since the group’s establishment three decades ago. If the bloc is not up to the task of adapting to the 21st century, it may be time to set its members free to pursue their own trade and development goals.

Bruno Binetti

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