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  • The Dialogue’s Education team looks back at their main accomplishments of 2016

    Jan 11 PREAL Blog
  • This is an anxious, unsettled moment for Cuba. Its economy is faltering badly and could face a prolonged crisis. The nation’s leadership is on the verge of a critical turning point following the recent death of Fidel Castro and the likely retirement early next year of Raul Castro—who together have ruled the island with an iron hand for nearly 60 years.

    Jan 5

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  • “[Mexican] government officials downplayed the immediate negative effects of liberalizing [fuel] prices in order to get people on board for reform. But it comes at a bad time politically and economically for the country. The government is unpopular because of corruption scandals and the economy is doing poorly with PEMEX’s production falling and the peso losing value.”

    Lisa Viscidi

    The Fuse


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  • Castro, who led Cuba for nearly 50 years, died Friday. In 2006, he had transferred the presidency to his younger brother, Raul Castro, after a debilitating intestinal ailment. Fidel Castro’s vision and iron rule shaped every aspect of life in Cuba and its relations worldwide. Many, perhaps most, Cubans would say he held power too tightly and too long. He was Latin America’s most prominent 20th century leader, but his legacy remains to be defined.

    Nov 29