After Raul: What Next for Cuba’s Political Economy?

On February 22, the Inter-American Dialogue in partnership with the Brookings Institution’s Latin American Initiative hosted an event to discuss the political and economic challenges Cuba will face amidst a presidential transition. This event was moderated by Michael Shifter with panelists Richard Feinberg from the Brookings Institution and William LeoGrande from American University.

Martín Rodriguez Nuñez

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Economic Development in the Caribbean

On January 30, the Inter-American Dialogue and International Monetary Fund (IMF) hosted an event to discuss the findings of a recently published book, Unleashing Growth and Strengthening Resilience in the Caribbean (November 2017). This event was moderated by Manuel Orozco with panelists Joyce Wong, Sebastian Acevedo and Daniel P. Erikson. The panel discussed the roles that structural transformation, natural disasters, and fiscal policy have on unleashing future growth in the region.

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Trump y el mundo: jugando con fuego

No pueden ignorarse los efectos corrosivos que la presidencia de Trump está teniendo sobre la democracia estadounidense y sus normas de tolerancia y civilidad. La única pregunta es cuánto daño habrá hecho Trump antes de que alguien lo frene, y si será posible repararlo.

Michael Shifter

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Cuba-US Relations during Trump’s First Year

In this interview with BBC World News, Michael Shifter discusses the current state of relations between the US and the island nation, what we know so far regarding the sonic attacks to US diplomats in Havana, and what we can expect after the 2018 change of leadership if Cuba.

Michael Shifter

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Cuba’s future after Raul Castro retires

A year following the death of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, the relationship between the U.S. and the island nation has dramatically changed. To discuss this and more, President of the Inter-American Dialogue, Michael Shifter spoke with CGTN’s Susan Roberts.

Michael Shifter, Susan Roberts

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Engagement or Estrangement: What next for US-Cuban relations?

On November 10, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted a debate about the future of US-Cuba relations featuring Emily Mendrala, Michael Bustamante, and Jorge I. Dominguez, with Michael Camilleri moderating the discussion.

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The Deterioration of Bilateral Relations with Cuba

Ultimately it is the Cuban government itself that will determine whether Cubans’ hopes and ambitions are met. The current deterioration in diplomatic relations is likely to strengthen those in both the United States and Cuba who favor the familiar comfort of a static Cold War antagonism over the rising expectations generated by a new US-Cuba dynamic.

Michael Camilleri

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Who or What Is Behind the ‘Sonic Attacks’ in Cuba?

The U.S. State Department in early October expelled 15 Cuban diplomats in protest of what it said was Cuba’s failure to protect American envoys in Havana from a series of mysterious attacks that caused hearing loss and other ailments. What do the decisions to expel and withdraw diplomatic staff indicate about the future of U.S.-Cuban relations?

Daniel P. Erikson, Vicki Huddleston, Frank Calzon

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US Pulls Embassy Staff from Cuba after ‘Sonic Attacks’

A recent series of attacks on American personnel in Cuba has left officials in both countries confused. As investigations into the origins of the mysterious symptoms that have affected 21 members of the U.S. intelligence and diplomatic corps continue, there have already been implications for relations between the two countries. Last week, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced that about half of the embassy’s staff would be recalled. In an interview with BBC, Michael Shifter discussed the attacks and the effect they may have on U.S.-Cuba relations moving forward.

Michael Shifter

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Migration From Latin America and the Caribbean to the United States: Policy Options

Migration from Latin America and the Caribbean to the United States has grown steadily over the past forty years. In addition to leaving their countries amidst political and economic hardship, the vast majority of these migrants face additional challenges to their legal status. One way to look for solutions is to consider a comprehensive approach to migration through recruitment, retention, return, relief and reform.

Manuel Orozco

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What Is the Impact of Trump’s Policy Shift on Cuba?

U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday announced a rollback of some parts of former President Barack Obama’s thaw with Cuba by expressly prohibiting tourist travel to the island, restating the importance of the U.S. embargo with Cuba and banning Americans from conducting financial transactions with companies under the control of Cuba’s military. What is the significance of the changes for Americans and for U.S. businesses?

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Giro sobre Cuba ‘es vergonzoso para Estados Unidos’: Michael Shifter

Michael Shifter, presidente de Diálogo Interamericano, considera desafortunado el cambio de política del presidente estadounidense, Donald Trump, hacia Cuba, aunque le parece positivo que las relaciones entre los dos países se mantengan.

Michael Shifter, Holman Rodríguez M.

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El presupuesto de Trump, la política hacia Cuba, y el futuro de Venezuela

En esta entrevista radiofónica con Luis Montes para WLIE 540 AM, Michael Shifter analiza el presupuesto del gobierno de Trump y su impacto en la región, lo que podemos anticipar sobre las políticas de Estados Unidos hacia Cuba, y el rol de distintos actores en la crisis de Venezuela.

Michael Shifter, Luis Montes

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