Cuba’s Political Puzzle

This month the two most important political events occurred in Cuba since Raúl Castro became president four years ago – the announcement of plans to release 52 political prisoners and Fidel Castro’s first major public address since he fell ill in late 2006.

Carl-Henri Prophète

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Cuban Relations with the European Union

This week in Havana, Cuba and the European Union will begin negotiations designed to put an end to 25 years of quarrels.

Carlos Alzugaray Treto

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Does the US Election Matter for Latin America?

Issues, policies, and experience have hardly mattered as the campaign offered round after round of personal insults, accusations of illegal and unsavory behavior, and damning indictments of US leaders and institutions.

Peter Hakim

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Legado poderia ter dado a Cuba outro destino

Ninguém pode negar a Fidel Castro o seu lugar na História. Ele foi a figura política mais proeminente da América Latina talvez desde Cristóvão Colombo, em 1492. A questão é até que ponto sua narrativa será mais sobre sonhos ousados e mudanças progressistas — ou sobre opressão e, no fim, estagnação em Cuba.

Peter Hakim

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Private Conversation with Cuba Posible

On Friday, March 3rd, the Dialogue welcomed Director and Deputy Director of Cuba Posible, Roberto Veiga and Lenier Gonzalez, and a small group of Latin America policy experts for a discussion on social and political trends in Cuba. The discussion focused on upcoming leadership dynamics in Cuba and the role of young people in the future of the island.

Danielle Edmonds

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2016: A Year of Turbulences That Have Just Begun

The international order based on the United States’ engaged leadership seems to be ending. What will replace them remains unclear.

Michael Shifter

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Does Fidel’s Death Pave the Way for Change in Cuba?

Fidel Castro, who led the revolution that overthrew Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista in 1959 and transformed Cuba into a one-party communist state, bedeviling 11 U.S. presidents and at one point bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war, died Nov. 25 at age 90 after years of declining health. Will Fidel’s death pave the way for any significant political or economic changes in Cuba?

Latin America Advisor ˙

Europe Might Take Another Step Back

If Spain fails to have the Common Position lifted or if it succeeds and Havana again turns down European economic cooperation, then Cuba wins once more.

Marifeli Pérez-Stable

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Obama & Latin America: New Beginnings, Old Frictions

Today, signs of frustration are unmistakable in Washington and in many Latin American capitals, despite Obama’s immense personal appeal and the continued promise of a more productive partnership.

Michael Shifter

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A Disappointing First Year: Obama & Latin America

Inter-American relations have taken a disappointing course for the Obama Administration. The US has suffered several political setbacks in the region and little progress has been made on most of the “legacy” issues that Obama inherited.

Peter Hakim

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