Will the New US Aid Plan for Central America Be Successful?

Will Central American governments spend the money effectively? Do the countries in the isthmus have a good plan to fight the drug cartels?

Francisco Altschul, Francisco Villagrán de León, Kevin Casas-Zamora, James M. Meyer

A Time for Action

Latin America inequality gap, economic integration, and infrastructure and education systems were among the issues spotlighted at the XVII Annual CAF Conference.

Mary Dempsey

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A compilation of the Dialogue’s reports, articles and presentations on the most important issues shaping Guatemala’s development.

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To Keep Kids from Borders, Fix Things Farther South

The United States must not only reform its domestic immigration policy, but also reassess its drug, trade, and foreign-aid policies toward the region.

Peter Hakim

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Young Migrants & US Policy

Increases in the number of apprehensions of Central American children were noticed as early as two years ago.

Brigid Carmichael

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The Right Place for a Drug Policy Debate

Among Latin Americas, there is a growing consensus that the root cause of their violent crime wave is the massive use of narcotics in the US.

Peter Hakim

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Autogestión escolar: Aumento de la cobertura educacional en zonas rurales pobres

Dos experiencias centroamericanas demuestran que un buen programa de autogestión escolar puede ser una eficaz alternativa para aumentar la cobertura educacional en áreas rurales pobres. El Programa con Participación de la Comunidad — EDUCO— en El Salvador, y el Programa Nacional de Autogestión para el Desarrollo Educativo —PRONADE— en Guatemala,…

Marcela Gajardo

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Supporting Informed Dialogue on Second-Generation Education Reforms in Guatemala

In collaboration with the Partnership for Educational Revitalization in the Americas (PREAL), the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO) in Guatemala designed and implemented the project “Supporting Informed Dialogue on Second- Generation Education Policy Reforms” from 2008-2010. Through studies, workshops, discussions, consultations, and other ways of raising awareness and…

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Guatemala’s Uncertain Future

While a militarized response to violence may crack down on organized criminal groups, it does not solve the persistent weakness of the state.

Elizabeth Wagner

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