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Inter-American Dialogue Recognized at 2017 Prospect Think Tank Awards

On Monday, July 10th, 2017, the Inter-American Dialogue was recognized at the 16th annual Think Tank Awards sponsored by the British publication Prospect. The Dialogue won the “One to Watch” award, which—along with “Best Think Tank”—was one of only two categories open to all think tanks, regardless of country or area of focus.

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No papel, as mudanças fazem muito sentido, mas não sabemos se, de fato, colocarão Cuba no caminho da China ou do Vietnã. É preciso saber se haverá vontade política. […] Esta Constituição é a chance de Miguel Díaz-Canel iniciar sua era.
The crucial factor in determining bilateral relations [between El Salvador and China] will be Bukele’s initial hold on power. A landslide victory would give him considerable leeway in how he governs... Anything short of that would leave him at the mercy of establishment figures and limit his options both domestically and internationally.
It’s unclear how Ecuador’s new government intends to employ the ECU911 monitoring and surveillance system provided by China. To date, that technology has primarily been used to facilitate rapid response to natural disasters; [however], these technologies can certainly be used to limit basic freedoms and suppress political opposition in countries, such as Venezuela, with authoritarian tendencies. The result is a further weakening of democratic governance.
China se ha convertido en un proveedor de capital clave para la región en los últimos años. Veremos un crecimiento de la presencia de bancos comerciales chinos que hasta ahora no habían entrado a la región.
El problema es que la guerra comercial no se trata solo de comercio. Esta también es la trampa de Tucídides en juego, donde los dos poderes económicos luchan para promover diferentes modelos de desarrollo.