Carlos Fernando Chamorro

Nicaragua |  Director, Confidencial


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Carlos Fernando Chamorro is the director of Confidencial, a weekly publication in Nicaragua that combines investigative journalism and analyses of current affairs. The US magazine The Nation has called it “the most respected muckraking operation in the country.” Chamorro also directs and hosts the popular Sunday night television program Esta Semana, featuring investigative reports and interviews. Esta Semana is censored on Nicaraguan television, and is broadcast through YouTube and Facebook.

The newsroom of Confidencial in Nicaragua was illegally occupied by the police in December 2018 and confiscated in February 2021. Chamorro faces an arrest warrant and a legal indictment for practicing investigative journalism in Nicaragua. Since June 2021, Chamorro and the Confidencial team have been in exile in San José, Costa Rica, from where they continue exercising freedom of the press. 

He was a Knight Fellow at Stanford University (1997-1998) and visiting professor at for the master in journalism program at Berkeley University, California (1998-1999). In May 2009, he won the Prize for Freedom of Expression in Ibero-America, given by Casa América Cataluña (Spain). In October 2010, he received the Maria Moors Cabot Prize given by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York. In May of 2021, he received the Ortega and Gasset Prize, given to him by El País de España.

Chamorro was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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Orozco and Chamorro Video

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En una entrevista con Carlos Fernando Chamorro para Confidencial, Manuel Orozco, senior fellow no-residente del Diálogo Interamericano, comentó acerca del creciente aislamiento internacional en el que se encuentra el régimen de Daniel Ortega, tras liquidar la vía electoral al apresar a siete precandidatos y cancelar la personería jurídica del partido Ciudadanos por la Libertad. 

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