ONLINE EVENT: Economic Recovery and the Potential for Expanding Production in the Americas


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The coronavirus pandemic has led to historic economic contraction and supply chain disruption in every region of the world, with Latin America hit particularly hard.

Luis Alberto Moreno, the president of the Inter-American Development Bank, argued in a recent op-ed in the Washington Post for an economic recovery “made in the Americas,” calling for governments and companies to diversify sources of production and create new jobs by bringing more manufacturing to the region. Moreno, a former Colombian diplomat, said companies that shifted their production to Asia in a bid to lower costs in recent decades have been shortsighted, and that while trade with Asia has yielded gains, the costs of locating supply chains so far away from home outweigh the benefits.

  • Should countries of the Western Hemisphere seek to attract investment and production away from Asia?
  • What will the next phase of globalization look like, and how can the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean work together to be best positioned? 
  • Will global companies diversify production and bring new jobs to the region, or will calls in the United States and elsewhere for self-sufficiency limit prospects for future investment in Latin American production?

The Dialogue is pleased to host four distinguished experts for an in-depth conversation on these questions and more.

Watch the event live here.



Martha Bárcena

Ambassador of Mexico to the United States (@Martha_Barcena)

Michelle DiGruttolo

Senior Managing Director, Ankura

Gabrielle Trebat

Managing Director, McLarty Associates (@gtrebat)

Edgar Villanueva

Co-Executive Director, U.S. – Guatemala Business Council


Margaret Myers

Director, Asia & Latin America Program, Inter-American Dialogue (@MyersMargaret)

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