Gabrielle Trebat

United States  |  Managing Director, McLarty Associates


Gabrielle Trebat is managing director and a member of McLarty Associates’ Brazil & Southern Cone practice. Prior to joining McLarty Associates in 2011, Trebat served as deputy assistant secretary for Business Affairs and Public Liaison at the US Department of Treasury, where she oversaw outreach to the private sector, labor, and NGO communities. A dual national of Brazil and the United States, she previously served as executive director of the Brazil-US Business Council, where she was responsible for promoting a strong bilateral trade and investment relationship and represented the majority of foreign direct investors in Brazil. At the Council on Competitiveness, Trebat served as senior research associate from 2001-2002, as director of international policy studies from 2002-2005, and as director of the global program from 2006-2007, in which she initiated and managed the global institutional partnerships of the Council.

Trebat was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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Is Argentina’s Macri Handling the Economy Well?

On Aug. 23, the Argentine government’s statistics agency, INDEC, announced an unemployment rate of 9.3 percent, a full percentage point higher than experts projected, according to Bloomberg News. However, earlier in the month, the agency released a report showing that inflation had slowed significantly from 4.2 percent in May to 2 percent in July. How well as the administration of President Mauricio Macri, now in office for more than eight months, been handling the economy?

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