The Future of US-Brazil Relations

Can the US and Brazil rise above their differences and find reasons to cooperate more effectively?

Peter Hakim

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La región celebra la paz en Colombia

Este acuerdo de paz fue el resultado de cuatro años de negociaciones en La Habana, que tuvieron tensiones y contratiempos. Gran parte del mérito corresponde al gobierno de Santos, que impulsó los diálogos e invirtió todo su capital político en esta iniciativa.

Michael Shifter

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Private Conversation with El Salvador’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hugo Martínez

On Monday, December 5th, 2016, the Dialogue welcomed El Salvador’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Hugo Martínez for a discussion on US-El Salvador relations in light of recent political developments in Central and North America. The discussion focused on the Plan for the Alliance for Prosperity of the Northern Triangle as the guiding policy of US engagement with El Salvador and the neighboring countries of Guatemala and Honduras.

Lily Welborn

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“La OEA no va a invocar la Carta Democrática”

Michael Shifter no cree que los gobiernos que integran la OEA vayan a aceptar invocar la Carta Democrática –como lo ha insinuado el secretario general del organismo, Luis Almagro– contra Venezuela, porque temen que activar este mecanismo pueda afectarlos a ellos mismos en un futuro.

Michael Shifter, Sergio Gómez Maseri

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Deportaciones sí afectarán las remesas

Las remesas que envían los centroamericanos desde Estados Unidos a sus países, no serán afectadas por un inaplicable impuesto anunciado en la campaña electoral por el ahora presidente electo Donald Trump, sino por el impacto colateral del incremento en las deportaciones.

Manuel Orozco

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Obama & the Haitian Earthquake

When Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake, the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama quickly absorbed the depth of the tragedy and necessity of a robust U.S. response. Unless the U.S. adopts a proactive role, Haiti’s fragmented political landscape threatens to deteriorate into a political vacuum that will compound the current crisis.

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Which Mexico for Obama?

When President Obama meets this week with President Peña Nieto, he will be visiting a country that was much maligned throughout his first term.

Peter Hakim

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A Conversation with Colombian Ambassador Juan Carlos Pinzón

On October 20, the Inter-American Dialogue held a private conversation with Juan Carlos Pinzón, Colombia’s Ambassador to the United States. Private sector and non-governmental leaders, as well as independent analysts, engaged in a frank exchange with Ambassador Pinzón about the future of the peace negotiations between the Colombian government and the FARC, after the ‘No’ vote won in the national plebiscite held on October 2nd.

Andrea Mendez

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The Twilight of the Democratic Age

Will the leaders of our democracies rise to the demands of this exasperated citizenry, ready to set fire to the temple? Perhaps, but the prospects are not bright.

Kevin Casas-Zamora

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A Decade of Change

Progress in Latin America has not been uniform and steady.

Inter-American Dialogue

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A US-Brazil Respect Deficit

Brazil’s rising stature and influence will be on display when President Dilma Rousseff arrives in Washington this week.

Peter Hakim

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Trump vs. Clinton: Moment of Truth

Without question, what is at stake in this election are two entirely different ways of understanding the United States and its role in the world. On Tuesday the voters will have their final say –and the time to govern will begin. Whoever wins, the polarization, rancor and malaise that this election brought to the fore will permeate US politics for years to come.

Michael Shifter

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So Long, Chávez

Two decades ago, the US and Latin America seemed poised to forge new political and economic partnerships. Since Chávez, the sense of community has dissipated.

Michael Shifter

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Shifter: Situación de Venezuela es la más preocupante de la región

“En Venezuela están fallando las políticas en materia social, económica y de seguridad. Y es fundamental que se dé un diálogo que permita identificar y poner en mesa las cosas comunes y diferencias para solventar la situación”

Vladimir Villegas, Patricia Medina

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What Latin America Policies Are Taking Shape in Congress?

In the past month, members of the U.S. Congress have created new caucuses to improve the environment for U.S. businesses in Latin America and to strengthen the relationship between the United States and Peru. Are such caucuses effective in promoting business, investment and closer ties between the United States and Latin American countries?

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