Trump and America’s Winter of Discontent

His decisive win in the New Hampshire primary election brought businessman and television celebrity Donald Trump one step closer to becoming the 45th president of the United States.

Peter Hakim

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Free trade takes a beating in 2016

Free trade Republicans must confront globalization’s disadvantages head on to defend its tremendous benefits.

Thomas McLarty, Nelson Cunningham

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Remaking Brazil-US Relations, Once Again

Brazil and the United States seem increasingly intent on easing the current strains in their troubled relationship.

Peter Hakim

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Did Fidel Destroy His Own Legacy?

No one can deny Fidel Castro his place in history. He was, by any measure, the most prominent political figure in Latin America in the 20th century, maybe since Christopher Columbus. The question is whether the narrative will be mostly about bold dreams and progressive change—or about oppression and stagnation in Cuba.

Peter Hakim

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Central America’s Triangle of Despair

If external actors are serious about helping the Northern Triangle, they should not be shy about demanding fundamental reforms.

Kevin Casas-Zamora

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China’s Venezuela Conundrum

The government of Nicolás Maduro has made some last-ditch efforts to cut costs and pay off debts, but it is quickly running out of lifelines.

Margaret Myers

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Vientos nuevos desde el sur

La encuesta del GDA a líderes de opinión muestra que el 2015 marcó una nueva etapa para el continente americano e ilustra los temas que serán centrales en el año que comienza. Fue un año de avances en la resolución de conflictos históricos y de cambio político en muchos países.

Michael Shifter

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US-Cuba: Progress, Challenges & Suprises

Little opposition to the restoration of US-Cuba relations has registered, although challenges lie ahead for both countries.

Peter Hakim

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peter bell

In Memoriam: Peter Bell

Peter Bell will be sorely missed as we face the tasks ahead. He was a great builder, and there remains so much to be built.

Ricardo Lagos

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Making Chávez Possible

Michael Shifter reviews a volume looking at Venezuela prior to its most famous president.

Michael Shifter

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El desafío ahora es ganar la paz

Si los ciudadanos de Colombia ratifican el acuerdo de paz, el país comenzará un proceso difícil y largo para consolidar la paz, en el que el respaldo de los países de América Latina y sobre todo de EEUU puede ser crucial.

Michael Shifter

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Defrosting US-Brazilian Relations

More needs to do more to set a cooperative tone for the US-Brazilian relationship.

Peter Hakim

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EE.UU: Radiografía de fin de ciclo

El surgimiento de Donald Trump como el principal precandidato del Partido Republicano ha dejado de ser un entretenimiento.

Michael Shifter

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