Is Argentina’s Macri Handling the Economy Well?

On Aug. 23, the Argentine government’s statistics agency, INDEC, announced an unemployment rate of 9.3 percent, a full percentage point higher than experts projected, according to Bloomberg News. However, earlier in the month, the agency released a report showing that inflation had slowed significantly from 4.2 percent in May to 2 percent in July. How well as the administration of President Mauricio Macri, now in office for more than eight months, been handling the economy?

Claudio Loser, Gabrielle Trebat, Andrés Asiain, Mario Rapoport

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Odebrecht: un escándalo con múltiples aristas

Las proporciones del caso Odebrecht han puesto de manifiesto una red de sobornos para obtener licitaciones de obras públicas, que implica prácticamente a una docena de países y que compromete a buena parte de la clase política latinoamericana, al más alto nivel. Peter Hakim comenta sobre el caso.

Peter Hakim, Orlando Torricelli

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Argentina’s Congressional Landscape- A Conversation with Elisa Carrió

El 25 de mayo de 2016, el Diálogo Interamericano sostuvo un conversatorio con Elisa “Lilita” Carrió, diputada nacional Coalición Cívica para la Afirmación de un República Igualitaria (CC-ARI) para Buenos Aires, sobre el panorama congresal en Argentina.

Diana Jordán, Maria Corina Mendoza,

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Argentina’s National and Regional Development: A New Path Forward?

Regional development is the key for Argentina’s future. The new administration has developed long-term plans to eliminate poverty and inequality in Argentina. The priority is to generate efficient and sustainable programs by strengthening institutions, promoting dialogue and integration with provincial governments, and focusing on quality.

Laura Campiglia de Méndez

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Does the US Election Matter for Latin America?

Issues, policies, and experience have hardly mattered as the campaign offered round after round of personal insults, accusations of illegal and unsavory behavior, and damning indictments of US leaders and institutions.

Peter Hakim

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Trump and Latin American Energy: The Costs of Cutting Ties

Cuts to Washington’s energy engagement could undermine the connections that help support U.S.–Latin American cooperation on issues from security to immigration. When it comes to weakening energy integration in the Americas, there are few winners.

Lisa Viscidi, Rebecca O’Connor

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A Time for Action

Latin America inequality gap, economic integration, and infrastructure and education systems were among the issues spotlighted at the XVII Annual CAF Conference.

Mary Dempsey

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Is Freedom of the Press Under Threat in Latin America?

Is press freedom seriously jeopardized in these countries or elsewhere in the region? What implications does it have for the state of democracy? Should regional bodies or other organizations be taking action? If so, how?

Scott Griffen, Benoit Hervieu, Viviana Giacaman

Transformación educativa en Argentina: De cara a la sociedad del conocimiento

En los años ’80, el sistema educativo argentino mostraba un alto nivel de deterioro de su tradicional calidad, a lo que se sumaban los viejos problemas no resueltos: segmentación del servicio en términos de calidad según la situación socioeconómica o ubicación geográfica de la población; déficit de escolarización en el…

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A Mutual Desire to Reduce Tensions

Given today’s realities, the glowing terms some used to describe US-Argentine relations in the 1990s do not make sense. But neither does the excessively negative talk heard in Buenos Aires and Washington.

Michael Shifter

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Invest in Better Education

Since December 2005, Argentina implemented an Education Financing Law, a tool that modified the structure of financing education and introduced significant changes in political and financial relations between national and subnational governments. Its main objective is to increase investment in education, science, and technology to reach a GDP of 6%…

Alejandro Vera, Rocio Bilbao

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