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The Covid-19 Pandemic and Prison Policy in Latin America

This report from the Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program posits that policy reforms adopted out of necessity during the pandemic in regards to prison policy, some of which were considered politically unpalatable before the Covid-19 emergency, offer important lessons and in some cases proof of concept for overdue shifts in prison policy.

María Luisa Romero, Azul Hidalgo Solá, Luisa Stalman

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Cover of UCSD US-Mexico Forum 2025 Energy & Sustainability Report showing a wind farm

US-Mexico Forum 2025: Energy and Sustainability Report

The world is in a transition to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 that will change the way we use and produce energy and shape the sustainability of our planet. This paper, published by UC San Diego, addresses how Mexico and the United States can use their energy resources to deliver jobs, economic prosperity, and social justice at this transformational juncture in history, examining three areas fundamental to the US-Mexico energy relationship: sustainability; hydrocarbons; and gas, power, and renewables.

Lisa Viscidi, Carlos Pascual, Angélica Ruiz, David Crisostomo, Samantha Gross, Verónica Irastorza, Alejandra León, Jeremy Martin, John McNeece, Isabel Studer

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Shifting Gears: Chinese Finance in LAC, 2020

China Development Bank and the Export-Import Bank of China issued no new finance to Latin American and Caribbean governments or state-run companies in 2020.

Margaret Myers, Rebecca Ray

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The Demand for a Post-Pandemic Evaluation Agenda

The following document presents five recommendations developed by the Dialogue’s Civil Society Working Group on conducting educational assessments during school reopening after the pandemic.

Grupo de Trabajo de Sociedad Civil

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Portada de informe con mujeres jugando con niños

Results-Based Budgeting for Early Childhood Development – The Case of Peru

A case study of Peru’s experience with Results-Based Budgeting provides insight for developing a sustainable Early Childhood Development policy.

Roger Salhuana Cavides, Ariela María de los Milagros Luna Florez, Luis Cordero, Atipay, Innovación para la Gestión

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A Regional Approach to Improving Teacher Policy: Lessons from Latin America

The following article by Sarah Stanton, Michelle Guzmán and Lucila Malnatti hopes to make the case for a regional approach to improving teacher policy in Latin America and the Caribbean, to establish priorities in teacher excellence and address them collectively.

Sarah Stanton, Michelle Guzmán, Lucila Malnatti

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Foro sobre la educación inicial de calidad en México

El 6 de noviembre, 2020, se realizó un foro virtual con el propósito de dar a conocer las recomendaciones contenidas en la Declaración del Foro Regional a representantes del gobierno en primera infancia de las 32 entidades federativas en México.

Centro de Estudios Primera Infancia, Diálogo Interamericano

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Foro sobre la educación inicial de calidad en Colombia

El 11 de noviembre, 2020 se realizó un foro virtual con expertos y representates del gobierno en primera infancia en Colombia con el propósito de discutir las recomendaciones de la Declaración del Foro Regional de Calidad.

Centro de Estudios Primera Infancia, Diálogo Interamericano

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Combating Climate Change with Extractives Revenues

As economies seek to rebuild in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis, there is an opportunity to accelerate climate change mitigation and adaptation and shape more sustainable economic models. Revenues from the extractive industries can provide crucial resources in this effort, according to a new report by the Inter-American Dialogue.

Lisa Viscidi, Nate Graham

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Portada declaración sobre condiciones laborales docentes

Declaration on Working Conditions and Career Advancement for Teachers

The objective of this Declaration is to promote regional dialogue about the working conditions necessary for excellent teaching, as well as to contribute to a better design, formulation, and execution of public policies.

Coalición Latinoamericana para la Excelencia Docente

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