Goal 4: Collaboration and Alliance-Building

Regional Agenda for Early Childhood Development: Collaboration and Alliance-Building

  • Create a sociopolitical coalition that works to ensure that early childhood development is at the forefront of social policy agendas throughout the region.
  • For this purpose, our group must find mechanisms to formalize and facilitate collaborations between key actors in different countries, including by planning events and meetings where government officials from different sectors (health, education, social protection, etc.) can meet periodically, both formally and informally, with actors from civil society, academia, the private sector, the media, and others.
  • At the same time, governments, academia, the private sector and other actors should design mechanisms that promote greater demand for high-quality early childhood development services among Latin Americans.

Somos Crianza: A Latin American Coalition of Early Childhood Networks

Somos Crianza is a Latin American Coalition of Early Childhood Networks, whose purpose is to make early childhood a priority in the region through the construction of better policies for child well-being in all countries.

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