Keshia Madrigal

Costa Rica  |  Communications Specialist , Inter-American Dialogue


Keshia Madrigal is the Communications Specialist for the Migration, Remittances, and Development Program at the Inter-American Dialogue. Her work focuses on a project that seeks to build human and economic capital in Guatemala.

She previously worked in a nonprofit organization focused on sustainable development and in the diplomatic and consular mission of Guatemala in Costa Rica.

Madrigal holds a BA in International Relations with a concentration in International Cooperation from the National University of Costa Rica.


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El Crecimiento en Remesas hacia América Latina y el Caribe en 2017

El pasado 19 de febrero, se presentó en Guatemala el reporte “Remesas a América Latina y el Caribe en 2017”. Anualmente, el Diálogo Inter-Americano publica sus estimaciones para las remesas a América Latina, así como un análisis de las tendencias más importantes para el tema en la región.

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From Financial Educator to Branch Manager

This is a story of success of the Opportunities for My Community Project, which links remittances, education and savings to promote economic and human development in Guatemala.   Jessica Noriega first joined the Opportunities for My Community project as a financial educator. Her work was to provide financial education at Cooperative…

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