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Joan Caivano is a senior advisor at the Inter-American Dialogue. During her 28 years at the Dialogue, Caivano has directed a range of institutional initiatives, including the Linowitz Forum, CAF Conference, and Congressional Program, and served as secretary to the Board. She also managed the Dialogue’s work on gender issues—including women’s leadership in the Americas, reproductive rights, and LGBT equality and inclusion—and supported its work on development and communications. Currently, she serves as a senior advisor to the Dialogue on an ad hoc, consulting basis. 

Caivano has worked previously at the Overseas Development Council and Brookings Institution and managed small business and alternative arts enterprises. Caivano holds an MA degree in Latin American studies from Georgetown University, where she also completed her undergraduate studies.

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The Road to Legal Abortion in Argentina

On February 25, 2021, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted the webinar “The Road to Legal Abortion in Argentina” in partnership with the Embassy of Argentina in Washington, DC, and the International Planned Parenthood Federation Western Hemisphere Region (IPPFWHR). Panelists discussed the winning strategy employed by the feminist movement to promote passage of the law to legalize abortion, the challenges they encountered, and how they leveraged resources to produce a favorable outcome.

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Stop Violating Immigrant Women’s Reproductive Rights

A brave whistleblower recently reported that women immigrants at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center have been subjected to gynecological procedures without their knowledge or informed consent. Unfortunately, for thousands of women and girls, these reported violations are just a sampling of the government’s illegal practices of aggression and neglect in its treatment of women seeking to immigrate to the United States. 

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A History of the Dialogue’s Work on Gender and Democracy

The Dialogue’s pioneering work has made significant contributions to the advancement of women in leadership, the promotion of reproductive rights and health, and the reduction of violence against women. However, these issues remain extant in the region, emphasizing the need to continue conducting research and analysis in each of these key areas of concern to women and crucial to the health of the region’s democracies.

˙Joan Caivano

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Mi primera reacción [a La Iniciativa Global para el Desarrollo y la Prosperidad de las Mujeres de Ivanka Trump] es que me encanta que haya atención al empoderamiento de las mujeres y de mujeres emprendedoras, y eso es importante, porque si se hace de forma apropiada e integral puede ser eficaz. Una iniciativa como la que promueve Ivanka no puede hacerlo todo, pero al menos debe haber un entendimiento del contexto más amplio.
There has been nothing but progress [in Latin America] since the ’80s in terms of women’s representation in congress, as administers and as presidents. I just wish we could catch up to Latin America.