VIII Leadership for the Americas Awards Gala

The Inter-American Dialogue’s Leadership for the Americas Awards Gala celebrates individuals and organizations committed to advancing democratic governance, social equity, and shared prosperity in the Western Hemisphere. This annual event brings together diverse leaders from across the Americas whose exceptional contributions have been instrumental in addressing the most pressing challenges facing our region. 

This year’s event holds a particularly timely focus on the themes of social inclusion and sustainable development. We aim to highlight the critical need for policies and initiatives that uplift vulnerable populations, ensuring that the benefits of progress and democracy are shared by all.  

The VIII Leadership for the Americas Awards Gala is set to take place at the Organization of American States (OAS) on Thursday, November 9, 2023. This choice of location holds significant symbolic importance, as the OAS serves as a central hub for dialogue and collaboration among the countries of the Americas.  

You can find details on sponsorship opportunities here and information on previous Dialogue galas here. Honorees and presenters will be announced in the coming weeks.