ONLINE EVENT: The Changing Face of Migration in the Americas


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In recent months, the nature, composition, and scale of migration patterns in the Americas has been changing significantly. In addition to surging flows from Central America – not only from the Northern Triangle countries but increasingly from Nicaragua – and growing numbers of migrants and refugees from Venezuela (already exceeding 5 million), migration from Mexico to the United States has recently doubled. Ecuadorians are also leaving their country in greater numbers. In addition, crises in Haiti and Cuba are generating higher levels of migration and forced displacement. It is estimated that more than 1.5 million US-bound migrants from Latin America and the Caribbean will have left their homes in 2021. This is double the level from 2019, which was a year with a substantial number of migrants.

  • What accounts for these changing migration dynamics?
  • What are the effects of political crises, economic insecurity, violence, weak social protection systems, Covid-19 and low vaccination rates, and natural disasters? 
  • How have migrants’ destinations shifted compared to previous years and crises?  
  • What are the implications of increasing numbers of new migrants for remittance flows?    
  • In light of these changing patterns, to what extent should the Biden administration’s approach focused on “root causes” be extended region-wide?

We are delighted to feature a group of leading experts on migration and remittances to share their perspectives on these and other questions. Please join us for a wide-ranging discussion on this important and timely topic.

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Carolina Jiménez Sandoval

President, Washington Office on Latin America (@cjimenezDC)

Daniela Celleri

Associate Researcher, Department of Sociology, Leibniz Hannover University (@daniela_celleri)

Andrew Selee

President, Migration Policy Institute (@SeleeAndrew)

Manuel Orozco

Director, Center for Migration and Economic Stabilization, Creative Associates International; Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Inter-American Dialogue (@manuelorozco65)



President, Inter-American Dialogue (@MichaelShifter)

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