Daniela Celleri

Ecuador |  Associate Researcher, Department of Sociology, Leibniz Hannover University


Daniela Celleri is an associate researcher in the Department of Sociology at Leibniz Hannover University where she obtained her Ph.D. in sociology. She is also a professor-researcher at the Institute of Higher National Studies of Ecuador and a member of the Latin American Research Network: Ethnicity, Citizenship and Belonging and a Research Associate at the University of Hanover. Her research areas are international migration, nation-state formation processes in Latin America, social inequality and intersectionality, ethnicity and citizenship, discrimination and xenophobia. 

She is currently researching the situation and contribution of immigrants in Ecuador, based on quantitative and qualitative data collected on discrimination and access to rights, with the purpose of laying the scientific bases for the development of inclusion policies.

Celleri was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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