Zika and the Right to Abortion

In Brazil, the possibility of pregnant women with Zika having access to abortion has not entered the public debate.

Jacqueline Pitanguy

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Nationalization & Its Discontents: Low Oil Prices & Latin America

As global oil prices collapsed over the last two years, regional governments have started to lose their leverage in the energy industry. To attract international investors, they must offer increasingly favorable terms, which means ceding more of their own control.

Lisa Viscidi

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Can Dilma Weather the Storm?

Brazil faces enormous challenges, but Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment is not likely one of them.

Hilary Higgins

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What Does Latin America’s Shift to the Right Mean for the Energy Sector?

At a breakfast meeting with members of the Inter-American Dialogue’s Energy and Resources Committee, Michael Reid, The Economist’s senior Latin America editor and author of the “Bello” column, discussed why he thinks the region is shifting to the right.

Lisa Viscidi

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The Olympics Will Be Fine; Worry about Brazil

Since the modern Olympics were initiated in Athens in 1896, none of the 25 or so countries that have hosted the games have done so while confronting the political turmoil and economic distress now battering Brazil. Regardless, the games are likely to be a success, as the Olympics almost always…

Peter Hakim

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Rousseff Ouster: No, Not a Coup, But Yes, Tainted

There are reasons to be uncomfortable with impeachment process. It was not a coup—and had all the appearances of being fully legal and constitutional. But, arguably, it was not completely fair and above board.

Peter Hakim

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Rising Brazil: The Choices Of A New Global Power

What should we expect from a newly powerful Brazil? Does the country have the capacity and leadership to be a central actor in addressing critical global and regional problems?

Peter Hakim

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US-Brazil Relations: Expect More Conflict

President Lula da Silva triumphantly announced that he and his Turkish counterpart had persuaded Iran to shift a major part of its uranium enrichment program overseas—an objective that had previously eluded the US and other world powers. Washington, however, was not applauding.

Peter Hakim

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Tendencias y cambios de la educación en Brasil

El perfil de la educación brasilera ha experimentado importantes cambios durante las últimas dos décadas: el analfabetismo ha caído sustancialmente, mientras que la matrícula ha crecido en forma considerable en todos los niveles escolares y el promedio de años de escolaridad ha aumentado. Sin embargo, el panorama de la educación…

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Overcoming Inertia

In the late 90s, the Programa de Promocion de la Refomra Educativa (PREAL) in Latin American and the Caribbean organized two working groups-one for Latin America and one for Central America- to discuss the serious education deficiencies offered to children throughout the region.  Brazil can be proud of some education…

Ilona Becskeházy, Paula Louzano

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Chinese Infrastructure in LAC: Perceptions and Realities

On November 14th, the Inter-American Dialogue convened a panel of experts to discuss current trends and prospects of Chinese infrastructure development in Latin America and the Caribbean. The event was moderated by Margaret Myers, director of the Inter-American Dialogue’s Asia & Latin America Program.

Arianis Blanco

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro met last week in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin (L-R) in a trip that the United States has criticized. U.S. President Joe Biden said Tuesday that Russia has begun an invasion of Ukraine. // Photo: Brazilian Government.

What Do Brazil and Russia Want From Each Other?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ viewpoints on bilateral relations between Russia and Brazil.

Bartłomiej Znojek, Valentina Sader, Vladimir Rouvinski

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