Member in the News: Tabata Amaral

Nosso Lugar

Tabata Amaral, federal deputy in São Paulo and education activist, has published a book titled Nosso lugar: O caminho que me levou à luta por mais mulheres na política, or "Our place: The path that led me to the fight for more women in politics."

In Nosso lugar, Amaral shares her journey in life so far and narrates her experience on her successful campaign, where she became the second most voted female candidate in the country. Growing up in Vila Missionária, she faced many difficulties that are common to those of her community, which is made up of families of northeastern migrants living precariously on the outskirts of large cities. She chose to dedicate herself to education work and advocacy, and she went on to publish a thesis at Harvard University on the political factors that impact public education in different Brazilian municipalities. In her book, Amaral intertwines her personal and professional experiences and highlights the difficulties of being a young woman in the political environment.


Tabata Amaral is a Member of the Inter-American Dialogue.

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