Tabata Amaral

Brazil |  Federal Deputy, Democratic Labor Party (PDT), Governo do Estado de São Paulo

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Tabata Amaral is a Brazilian politician and education activist. She is currently a federal deputy for the Democratic Labor Party (PDT) representing the state of São Paulo. Throughout 2019, she was a vice-leader of the PDT and its associated political coalition. She also served on the Education Commission, the Commission for the Defense of Women’s Rights, and as an alternate member of the Science and Technology, Communication and Informatics Commission.

As an activist for education in Brazil, Amaral co-founded two organizations: Vontade de Aprender Olímpica, which prepares Brazilian students to compete in international olympiads, and Movimento Mapa Educação, which promotes education equality in Brazil. She also co-founded the political organization Acredito, which provides funding for progressive candidates running for the first time in Brazil.

Before attending university, Amaral represented Brazil in five international science competitions. She then graduated from Harvard University with a degree in astrophysics and political science. She was also a columnist for Rádio CBN and Glamour magazine.

Amaral joined the Dialogue as a member in 2020 and is an ambassador of connectivity for educational purposes.

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Nosso Lugar

Member in the News: Tabata Amaral

Tabata Amaral, federal deputy in São Paulo and education activist, has published a book titled Nosso lugar: O caminho que me levou à luta por mais mulheres na política, or “Our place: The path that led me to the fight for more women in politics.”