Member in the News: Donna Shalala

photo of Donna Shalala at Spotlight Health Aspen Ideas Festival 2015 Bluerasberry

Donna Shalala, Inter-American Dialogue member and former member of the US House of Representatives, has been named as the interim president of The New School in New York City. She will begin in this role on August 15, 2023.

Linda E. Rappaport, chair of The New School's Board of Trustees, highlighted Shalala's extensive leadership in higher education and government, citing her former roles as president of the University of Miami, secretary of Health and Human Services under President Bill Clinton, and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  

"The New School has a unique and distinguished role in American higher education, developing students who will have an impact on the world and boldly address the most pressing social issues of our time," Shalala wrote in a statement to The New School. "I am excited to join the university and look forward to what we will accomplish together."

Donna Shalala is a member of the Inter-American Dialogue.


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