Japanese Engagement with LAC: Advancing Relations in an Era of Uncertainty

The Inter-American Dialogue and the Japan Association of Latin America and the Caribbean (JALAC) are pleased to publish this report by Akio Hosono, vice chairman of JALAC, and Margaret Myers, director of the Dialogue’s Asia & Latin America Program.

Based on findings from “Japan’s Latest Moves in LAC: Reshaping the Partnership,” a meeting co-hosted by the Dialogue and JALAC in Washington, DC in December 2018, the authors describe a new phase in the long-standing relationship between Japan and LAC. While Japan remains firmly committed to engaging the region, Tokyo and Japanese companies are grappling with major shifts in the economic and political landscape, whether in LAC or globally. Japan’s newest policy measures take these shifts into account, while affirming Japan’s commitment to free trade, quality infrastructure development, and other forms of development assistance. Enhanced trade and other ties will be critical to both Japan and LAC nations in the event of slowing growth on either side of the Pacific.

The Dialogue and JALAC are grateful to Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas), Nippon Koei LAC, PS Solutions Corp. (a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp.), ANA, and Prudential for their support of this publication.




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