Are Tense Relations Harming Anti-Drug Cooperation?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ views on intelligence cooperation between Ecuador and Mexico.

Vanda Felbab-Brown, Peter Hakim, Diego Marroquín Bitar, Amanda Mattingly

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Photo of Blinken in Mexico

How Well Are the U.S. & Mexico Cooperating?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ views drugs and security in Mexico and the United States.

Earl Anthony Wayne, Stephanie Brewer, Gary J. Hale, Raúl Benítez Manaut, Vanda Felbab-Brown

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photo of Thomas Shannon

Rules for Successful Diplomacy

Ambassador Thomas Shannon, the co-chair of the Inter-American Dialogue, offered five rules for diplomacy in the 21st century.

Anastasia Chacón González

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photo of CAF Conference - Fireside Chat with Rebecca Bill Chavez and Nina Hachigian

An Inside Look at the Cities Summit of the Americas

The 26th Annual CAF Conference kicked off with a fireside chat between Dr. Rebecca Bill Chavez, President & CEO, Inter-American Dialogue and Ambassador Nina Hachigian, US Special Representative for City and State Diplomacy, to discuss the inaugural Cities Summit of the Americas, which was held in Denver, Colorado, in April.

Anastasia Chacón González

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Alicia Bárcena receives Order of the Merit from Chilean Foreign Minister

Member in the News: Alicia Bárcena

Alicia Bárcena, Mexican Ambassador to Chile and newly appointed Foreign Minister, received the Order of Merit in the degree of “Grand Cross” by the Foreign Minister of Chile, the highest distinction Chile grants foreign citizens. 

Alicia Bárcena

Member in the News ˙ ˙ Gobierno de México

Photo of Alicia Bárcena

Member in the News: Alicia Bárcena

On June 13, 2023, Inter-American Dialogue member and Mexican Ambassador to Chile, Alicia Bárcena, was appointed as Mexico’s Foreign Minister by President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador.  

Alicia Bárcena

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Panelists in the event: LGBTQ Rights and US Foreign Policy: A Need to Lead Video

LGBTQ Rights and US Foreign Policy: A Need to Lead

On December 3, the Dialogue partnered with the Victory Institute to host the event “LGBTQ Rights and US Foreign Policy: A Need to Lead” as part of the 2020 International LGBTQ Leaders Conference.

Amy Doring

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Joe Biden habla en un evento de 2019

Joe Biden, Friend of Latin America

When President Biden takes office in January, he will not approach Latin America with a blank checkbook or magic formulas for hemispheric comity and recovery, but he will offer his characteristic humanity, his belief in the region’s promise, and his administration’s steadfast engagement.

Michael Camilleri

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America in the World

Member in the News: Robert Zoellick

Robert Zoellick, former deputy of secretary of state and former president of the World Bank, has published a new book titled America in the World: A History of US Diplomacy and Foreign Policy.

Robert Zoellick

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Tom Shannon

Member in the News: Tom Shannon

On July 28, Ambassador Tom Shannon, former under secretary of state for political affairs, participated in a virtual briefing organized by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC) to discuss a new report by SFRC Democratic Staff. The report is titled Diplomacy in Crisis: The Trump Administration’s Decimation of the State Department.

Thomas A. Shannon, Jr.

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Arturo Sarukhan

Member in the News: Arturo Sarukhan

Member Arturo Sarukhan was named the 2020 Alumni Award recipient at Johns Hopkins SAIS for Distinguished Government Service.

Arturo Sarukhan

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Tom Shannon Video

Strategic Thinking, Covid-19 and Globalization, and the Future of US Diplomacy

In an interview with Modern American Diplomacy, Ambassador Tom Shannon, Co-Chair of the Dialogue’s Board of Directors, discussed the significance of strategic thinking as it pertains to American diplomacy, challenges and revelations presented by Covid-19, and the future of the United States foreign service.

Thomas A. Shannon, Jr.

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What Will Relations With China Mean for El Salvador?

El Salvador on Aug. 21 became the latest country to break diplomatic relations with Taiwan in favor of establishing them with China. The move left Taiwan with just 17 nations that recognize its government, nine of which are in Latin America and the Caribbean. Why did El Salvador’s government make…

Margaret Myers, Ricardo Cevallos, Carlos Imendia

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