Is Guatemalan Democracy under Threat?

Inter-American Dialogue Board Member Eduardo Stein and Senior Fellow Kevin Casas-Zamora recently participated in an interview with TRT World on corruption in Guatemala. In the interview, Stein discussed how the perception of Guatemala’s president Jimmy Morales has changed and the role that the United Nations and the International Commission against Impunity have played thus far in the corruption investigation. Casas highlighted the similarities and differences between the present investigation of President Morales and the corruption scandal which led to the ousting of Guatemala’s former president, Otto Pérez Molina, in 2015.

Kevin Casas-Zamora, Eduardo Stein

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CICIG Chief Iván Velásquez // File Photo: U.S. State Department.

Will Guatemala’s Stalemate Over CICIG Continue?

Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales has banned the entry of CICIG’s chief and refused to renew the agency’s mandate. What’s next?

Adriana Beltrán, Mario Polanco, Donald J. Planty, Helen Mack, Michael E. Allison

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Michael Shifter sobre Venezuela, Puerto Rico y el futuro de Bolivia

Michael Shifter habló con Gustau Alegret de NTN24 sobre temas de actualidad en la región, incluyendo la crisis en Venezuela, las amenazas de presidente Trump contra Guatemala, las manifestaciones en Puerto Rico, y las elecciones en Bolivia.

Michael Shifter, Gustau Alegret

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