What Will Abinader Do in His Second Term in the DR?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ views on the election in the Dominican Republic.

Bernardo Vega, Luis Fortuño, Rosario Espinal, Mary Fernández Rodríguez, G. Philip Hughes, Beatrice Rangel

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Nayib Bukele and Gabriela Rodríguez de Bukele

What Will Bukele’s Second Term Mean for El Salvador?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ views on what President Nayib Bukele’s second term will mean for El Salvador.

Leonor Arteaga, Peter Hakim, Beatrice Rangel, Douglas Farah, Mneesha Gellman, Tiziano Breda

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What Challenges Face Guatemala’s New President?

Experts views on the delayed inauguration President Arévalo in Guatemala.

María Fernanda Bozmoski, Mario Polanco, Salvador Paiz, Ursula Roldán, Stephen G. McFarland, Virginia Garrard

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Panelist at the 2023 AmericasBarometer Event Video

The Pulse of Democracy in the Americas: Results of the 2023 AmericasBarometer

In Latin America, trust in democracy takes two paths: Good Governance, meeting citizens’ expectations under the rule of law, and Populism, where a leader perceived as a savior, centralizes power to deliver on promises. This finding was among the key insights revealed during the highly anticipated launch of the 2023 AmericasBarometer.

Daniel Caballero

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Mieli in Argentina.

What Will Milei’s Presidency Mean for Argentina?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ views on the presidential elections in Argentina.

Juan Cruz Díaz, Kezia McKeague, Jimena Blanco, Jerry Haar, Carlos Fara, Tobías Belgrano

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Photo of AMLO

How Much Has López Obrador Accomplished?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ views on the legacy of Mexico’s president.

Arturo Sarukhán, Lila Abed, Omar García-Ponce, Rodrigo Abud, Alejandro Diaz Dominguez

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Panelists at the event on What's Next for the International Response to Venezuela Video

What’s Next for the International Response to Venezuela?

Amid Venezuela’s crisis and the upcoming 2024 presidential elections, a potential opportunity for a democratic transition may emerge. The escalating authoritarianism, human rights abuses, and dire humanitarian situation underscore the critical importance of addressing these challenges while also identifying opportunities for transition to occur.

Daniel Caballero, Trinidad Lorente

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photo of Nicolas Maduro during a meeting with Turkish Minister of Commerce

A Golden Bridge for the Maduro Government

As Venezuela’s presidential elections, scheduled for 2024, draw closer, the international community’s attention is primarily focused on how to use leverage to ensure minimal electoral conditions. US high-level officials have publicly said they would ease some of the economic and political sanctions imposed on the country in exchange for meaningful concessions by Nicolas Maduro’s government, and there is clearly an ongoing back channel between US and Venezuelan authorities along these lines. While this discussion is essential, it often overshadows a vital aspect of the conversation—the plan for what comes next. No transition of power is possible without a clear path forward after election day.

Tamara Taraciuk Broner

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Photo of Supreme Electoral Tribunal Justices in Brazil

Courts, a Last Line of Defense for Latin American Democracies

In Latin America today, traditional coups are no longer the biggest threat to liberal democracy. More perilous are democratically elected leaders who, once in power, deliberately and gradually undermine basic guarantees, such as judicial autonomy, electoral integrity, independent press work and free expression. 

Rebecca Bill Chavez, Tamara Taraciuk Broner

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